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Marija Stanulytė “Barefoot through the soul”

© Marija Stanulytė "Barefoot through the soul" "Porto – Vairao (Portugal)"

© Marija Stanulytė “Barefoot through the soul” “Porto – Vairao (Portugal)”

Travelling as such is an ever-changing process which constantly obtains new forms and contexts. People may choose comfortable means of transport, their “status”, whether they want to be called tourists or genuine travellers. The braver ones step out of their comfort zone, pack their backpacks and leave by bike, by foot or hitchhike. One of the most popular European ways to go by foot is called The Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago), in Spain. Thousands of pilgrims travel to visit the remains of St. James for different reasons. For some it is a sport event, a challenge for their physical endurance, for others it is a touristic attraction or a time for prayers. When I dreamed of Camino de Santiago, I had only one goal on my mind: to recollect myself, to live the moment, to hear and see what’s inside of me. When travelling I had a desire to experience the traditional pilgrimage whose main challenge is to restrain one’s daily habits, to refuse the pleasures of the world. This determined my choice of the specific technology for this venture, i.e. traditional photography. It allows you, or sometimes even forces you to stop. It takes more time to perform the usual sequence of actions: to reflect on the composition, to pull the camera mount, photo camera, to concentrate and to push the shutter lock. In digital photography, this can be done in seconds since you can easily change the angle of the photograph. During the travel I took photos of myself. Very often we can see people posing for pictures, that means changing their facial expression when the camera is fixed on them. The final result is a fake emotion. The aim of my work was to create a series of photographs pulsating with true, genuine emotions, where one could see true experiences and no one would wonder whether this person was happy at that very moment.. When travelling, I decided to stand not only in front of myself but also in front of my camera. Photography, as well as pilgrimage, may lead towards knowledge, invites a person to step out of his/her comfort zone. Each day of my travel, when I felt most true to myself, I would stand in front of my camera and push the camera mount. If I travel to meet myself, how can I take photos of touristic objects or to cast a documentary eye on everything I see? I must open my heart and stand in front of my camera.

Marija Stanulytė exhibition “Barefoot through the soul” opening at Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts of Kaunas college, on 3 of September, 5:00 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till 16 of October.

Open: I-VII, 10.oo a.m. – 5.00 p.m.