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Gerrit Hahn “Blurred / Unblurred”

© Gerit Hahn

© Gerrit Hahn “Blurred/Unblurred”

BLURRED/UNBLURRED is a series of out of focus portraits of men that are perpetrators of sexual or gender based violence accompanied by a series of portraits of teenagers that are members of a high  school theatre group in Alexandra / Johannesburg that works with topics such as emancipation and gender based and sexual violence in families.

The series is a part of a documentary photographic work about sexual and gender based violence in South Africa and was shot in May and September 2013 in the townships of Soweto and Alexandra in Johannesburg. The portraits are out of focus with regards to form and content: As a photographer I did not intend to judge the men I worked with. The innocent and light portraits get a bitter note as soon as you realise, that statistically at least one of them will get raped at least once within the next years. These men are pursuing to translate the traditional lifestyle to modern age and to understand manliness. The girls are pursuing to teach society with their theatre work that they need a change in order to survive the violence they are facing right now.

© photography by Kaunas minority center memories from Gerrit Hahn movie “Ibyiza Birimbere” review

Gerrit Hahn was born 1979 in Münster / Germany. Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance photographer for magazines and advertising. He has worked on personal projects within the last years during stays in the USA and different African countries with a focus on conceptual work and film. In 2014 he produced his first feature length documentary in Rwanda. He is currently based in Berlin but spending a lot of time in Johannesburg.