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Ieva Austinskaitė “Passengers”

© Ieva Austinskaitė

© Ieva Austinskaitė “Passengers”

Photography and moving image project called “Passengers”, features portraits taken on public transport and aims to capture solitude. Ieva Austinskaite uses photography as a way to collect and show themes of silence, abstraction, human behavior and its relationship with the surrounding world.

Noticing people, their behavior and reactions is the core element of this project. Capturing surface, which is in human facial expressions, tells their individual stories as well as tendencies of life in the city. Apathy, exhaustion, anonymity, alienation and detachment… Public transport is where these elements come across very vividly. Place where time gets distorted, people get carried away with their own matters, even though the environment is always changing and unstable. It is as if every person creates his/her own tiny private space. This project is a collection of private moments in public; spontaneous or still emotions of human beings in the routine of the city.

Born in 1992 in Lithuania, Ieva Austinskaitė graduated from Kaunas High School of Arts. In 2010 she won Photography contest ‘’Debut’’ in Lithuania, which led to successfully completing a BA degree in Photography at the Middlesex University in London, making it to the Dean’s List and receiving an award for an outstanding achievement, following the Signature Art Prize award in Photography and Film category and being enlisted as one of The Best Artists and Creatives of the Noise Festival. Ieva Austinskaite has previously displayed her work in various exhibitions in Lithuania, Russia and United Kingdom.

Ieva Austinskaitė exhibition “Passengers” opening at “F Gallery” (Žaliakalnis funicular Aušra str. 6) September 5:30 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till October 30.
Open: I – V 07:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.; VI – VII 09:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Funicular ticket cost 0,50 eur.