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Jan Caga “Spirit above the waves”

© Jan Caga

© Jan Caga “Spirit Above the Waves”

The project shows disabled swimmers in a pool. Almost all people enjoy competing, because it belongs to our human nature, to our animalistic status. And the water is a prenatal liquid. Blurring the distinctions. Even allows three axes movement simultaneously, thus up and down. In water due to floating, humans levitate like birds.
Ten percent of total world population is made of people with some form of physical disability. In Central and Eastern Europe, living with a disability means overcoming many obstacles. One of the main reasons was the effort of communist regime in the former Eastern bloc to assimilate people with mental or physical disabilities, and to clean up and locked them into special care institutions, which only caused a deeper social exclusion. Thus the society was naturally full of prejudices against disability. Disabled disappeared out of sight and off the streets. After the collapse of the socialist bloc in 1989, the newly formed democratic society became more open. The handicapped to emerge with new hope.

Jan Caga is an award winning photographer. He was born in a small industrial town Hodonin, Czechoslovakia in 1976. After graduating from university in Art Design he began working as a freelance magazine photographer. Later he started to work on long-term projects exploring the state of contemporary society. Because life is such a rich and still open book and the world is constantly changing. Man create and transform the world in its image and attempting to do the best he can. For a photographer, the globalization does not make the world smaller, but instead of it, creates a new and wider context.

Jan has received numerous awards in photojournalism, such as Grand prize “PhtoEspana OjodePez” Award of Human Values, Award of Excellence in the 68th Pictures of the Year International competition, several prizes in the Czech Press Photo contest, Photo Annual Awards etc.

An opening ceremony for the exhibition entitled “Spirit above the waves” by Jan Caga will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, 3 September at J. Vienožinskis Faculty of arts of Kaunas College  (A. Mackevičius str. 27.).

Opening Hours:

3 September – 16 October

I – VII 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.