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Karl Burke “Skip zone”

© Karl Burke

© Karl Burke “Skip Zone”

In the midst of the noise and energy of a night with friends at bars and nightclubs, a moment to pause – to step back from the pursuits of the hour and observe, dial back and take stock. To be present to the moment but momentarily disengaged. In the chaos and unpredictability of the early hours a conscious decision to adjust the scale and re-calibrate, preparation for the next move. In high-frequency radio transmission, a “skip zone” is a region where a radio broadcast cannot be received being located between regions both closer and farther from the transmitter where reception is possible. By photographing with a large-format film camera and tripod and using only available light, the picture-taking process was of necessity a collaboration with the subjects I found while traversing the central nightlife area in Dublin over a period of several months.

Karl Burke (b.1969) is an Irish photographer living and working in Dublin, Ireland. His interest in photography started in 1987 while studying at Trinity College Dublin, from which he graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. After completing his professional qualifications in 1993 he became a full-time musician in an alternative rock band. He travelled to Berlin and lived there between 1994 and 1995, concentrating on painting. Returning to Ireland he then practiced as a lawyer for several years then finally left the legal profession in 2002 to set up a studio writing music for film, television and commercials. Departed the studio in 2008 to return to photography on a full-time basis. He won the Grand Prix prize at Fotofestiwal Łódź in 2013 for his project “The Harvest of Death v2.0”. His work has been exhibited in Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Poland and the USA and has been published by The Washington Post, Diário Económico, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, The British Journal of Photography, The New York Times Lens Blog and others. His work aims to explore the underlying threads connecting science, the self, and notions of reality, with a particular interest in the impact of technology on human behavior.

Karl Burke exhibition “Skip Zone” opening at “POST” gallery (Laisvė av. 51 a.) September 4 6:00 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till September 20.
Open: II – V 12.oo a.m. – 7.oo p.m.;  VI 13.oo a.m.- 6.oo p.m.