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Mariya Kozhanova “Declared Detachment”

© Mariya Kozhanova

© Mariya Kozhanova “Declared Detachment” “Staircase”

The series “Declared Detachment” represents a generation which was born in times when well organized society and established identity fell apart. All myths and believes that was the driving force for generations before were destroyed.

Now a missing foundation in society opened them a life which they could not trust. Forces for creating their own identity from the beginning were missing. In this moment, their society could not offer them any deserved faith, ideals or any other meaning.

Some of them declared their way through Japanese mass-culture of “cosplay” where in a simple, catchy, bright, spectacular, superficial world of anime heroes with attractive idols and colorful looks you could become any of those figures yourself. This generation escaped into a different ideology and tried to build their illusive world. But are their beliefs true enough for a new establishment or just a temporary detachment from imperfections of everyday’s life?

Mariya Kozhanova was born in 1986 in Kaliningrad, Russia. She started with photography classes at the Kaliningrad Union of Photographers, studying analogue camera techniques. From 2008 to 2015, she exhibited in Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany and the United States. She initiated a social project in an orphanage in 2008 to introduce children to photography. Works of participants in that project were shown in the group exhibition Home of the Children at the Kaliningrad National Art Gallery. Currently, she works as an independent photographer in the Kaliningrad region. Mariya is interested in topics between art and documentary photography with the main focus on choices of life of young people in Russia.

Mariya Kozhanova exhibition “Declare Detachment” opening at “POST” gallery (Laisvė av. 51 a.) September 4 6:00 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till September 20.
Open: II – V 12.oo a.m. – 7.oo p.m.;  VI 13.oo a.m.- 6.oo p.m.