KAUNAS PHOTO 2015 » Marko Zink

Marko Zink “Olympia”

© Marko Zink

© Marko Zink “Olympia” “j+ñnner”

Inspired by the Austrian Young Farmers’ Calendar, Zink shows the sensual aspects of country life and farm tasks in accordance with nature’s circle of the year. The disruption with the mostly solid and conservative image of young farmers is reflected in the protagonist’s new self-respect: The Olympic athletes of each month do not show their faces, but hide behind a mask – they become exchangeable and anonymous, yet they seem proud.
Often dressed with nothing more than a vintage mask, Marko Zink plays with the topic of eroticism and self-portrayal of men. By doing so, he reveals homo- and heterosexual clichés and demonstrates mercilessly the still discriminating underbelly of our society. In preparation to this work, the artist logged himself into adult chat room services, using stereotypical nicknames. The chat transcripts, which show the reactions of chat users to those names, result in individual depictions.

Marko Zink was born 1975 in Gaschurn/Austria. He creates emotional photographic aphorisms, which he – in contrast to their hinted character – freshly defines with every series. Having both studied art and German literature, he works on the unexposed analogue film before he actually uses it. That way unforeseen effects – mostly of rather soft and blurred nature – are created, which give his works an enormous picturesque quality. This explicit procedure constitutes an important aspect of the complete work, is extremely elaborate and constantly varies with each series. Analogue not digital is his way; he takes his time, concentrating on his own unique vision. He is a photographer. Not the kind to pack thousands of images onto hard disk memories, just because digital technology allows you to. For all his series film footage had been mechanically and chemically altered before it was exposed to light.

Marko Zink exhibition „Olympia“ opening at Kaunas National Drama theater  (Laisvė av. 71 ) 4 of September 6:00 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till 4 of October.
Open: I-VII, 10.30 a.m. – 19.00 p.m.