KAUNAS PHOTO 2015 » Sasha Kurmaz

Sasha Kurmaz “Wasted Youth”

© Sasha Kurmaz

© Sasha Kurmaz “Naprasnaja Molodost”

In this flow of images he wants to show the different episodes of his personal life in which he fixes his gaze on the situations, objects and events that are important to him, that transmit and shape his sense of reality.  He explores the world of feelings and thoughts the boundary between concepts of self and other / society and individuality, and ways of expressing these arrayed identities. For the most part, he interested in the interior of the human being, social and mental manifestations. The primary aims of this project are to show the process in which identity is formed, social connections and relationships between young people in post-Soviet society today’s.

Sasha Kurmaz (b. 1986, Kyiv, Ukraine), where he lives and works today. Kurmaz holds a BFA in design from the Ukrainian State Academy of Art (DAKKKiM) in Kyiv. Sasha started his artistic practice as a graffiti artist. When he gradually left the medium behind, he kept public space.
In most of his work he plays a game of de-powering power structures, using both humoristic and conceptual interventions. Kurmaz works with photography, public interaction, video, painting, and produces photo zines. Nevertheless, he still describes his works as “photographic,” even in case he does not use photography
as a medium.

— Personal exhibitions
2014 Nova gallery. Project: “Zaraz Wracam”, Krakow, Poland.
2010 Viuro gallery. Project: “Talking Walls”, Warsaw, Poland.
— Group exhibitions
2014 Architekturzentrum. Project: “Through Maidan and Beyond”, Vienna, Austria.
2014 l’Atelier Néerlandais. Project: “Foam Talent”, Paris, France.
2014 IZOLYATSIA foundation. Project: “Zahoplennya”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2014 Yermilov center. Project: “After the Victory”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2014 Künstlerhaus. Project: “I am drop in the ocean”, Vienna, Austria.
And 20 more group show participation.

Sasha Kurmaz exhibition “Declare Detachment” opening at “POST” gallery (Laisvė av. 51 a.) September 4 6:00 p.m. Exhibition will be on display till September 20.
Open: II – V 12.oo a.m. – 7.oo p.m.;  VI 13.oo a.m.- 6.oo p.m.